Slitting Line


The Most Important Specs

  • Coil Weight up to 5 tons
  • Width up to 600mm
  • Lines for Thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 2 mm
  • Average annual through put up to 10,000 tons
  • Strip speeds of up to 50m/min
  • Advantages for your in-house production plant

  • High output / throughput by means of rigorous tooling time minimisation and high production speeds.
  • High level of cutting accuracy by means of high-precision knife shaft bearings.
  • Burr-less cuts and high number of cuts at the slitting shears with minimum deflection of the cutter shaft.
  • High level of line availability and long lifespan by means of exclusive use of select components of renowned manufacturers.s
  • Affordable solution for in-house slitting requirements.
  • Low Inventory carry cost for Raw Material.
  • On-site service available by our specialists.
  • One-stop shop for customised system solutions including line automation.
  • Flexible line design as per customer requirements and use of experiences of other customers.