Single Decoiler



  • Rigid Fabricated Structure.
  • Three / Four Self Centering Coil-location jaws. With mechanical gear reducer for models above 2.5 Tonne.
  • The Spindle & Coil holding heads housed in mechanical & precised machined housing & rotates on dust proofed sealed bearing element.
  • All motorised decoilers are chain driven soft start & stop through mechanical torque limiter & friction drag brake.
  • Drive System : A.C. Fixed Speed /A.C. Variable Speed (optional)
  • Control Panel with Suitable loop control system to maintain loop of coil for the machine via Antenna Type loop sensors / limit arm through limit Switches / Photosensors
  • In Twin Spindle Decoiler, two mandrels are hosed on a Turret and Turret is supported on antifriction bearings for reducing friction while indexing. Turret is locked by spring loaded plunger & released by foot pedal. (This is for quick coil-changeover & saving coil loading time)

  • All units are available in non motorized version with drag brake.
  • Electro Magnetic / Pneumatic Brakes.
  • Coil hold-down (hydraulic / pneumatics ) for springy materials.
  • Hydraulic Jaws Expansion.
  • Decoilers with Shafting & Key to load bobbin.
  • Limit arm through limit Switches/Photo sensors.
  • Other Special features on request