Servo Wire Feeder


Mechanical Design Features

  • The Servo Wire Feeder comes with a choice of 1, 2, or 3 Roller Modules
  • Add a 2nd and 3rd module when more gripping/driving force is required - more contact points allow more force to be exerted without damaging the wire
  • Rollers are easily replaced or changed for different wire shapes and sizes
  • Two different grooves can be provided on each roll
  • Rolls can be flipped to the opposite orientation and maintain the same center line
  • Standard Eccentric Cam exerts roll clamp pressure - Optional Pneumatic or Hydraulic Cylinders available
  • Precision Gear Box Ratio 1:10 fixed on lower rolls.
  • Upper rolls synchronized by 4 gear at low gap.

  • Servo System Design Features

  • Complete package of Servo Drive, Motor, PLC & HMI from Mitsubishi, Japan.
  • High performance Servo Drive
  • Low inertia, brushless AC Servo Motor with high energy.
  • Digital Servo Drive Manages Roll Motion via Encoder Based Feedback System.
  • Closed loop feed length controller automatically generates the velocity of accurate feeding.
  • Operator Interface Terminal with Numeric Input Key Pad and LCD Display of feed length, speed and system parameter settings.
  • Input power requirement 380VAC / 50Hz / 3 phase.

  • Control Panel Features

    The system can be operated in MANUAL / AUTO MODE

    The system can store 99 programs. The programming would have

  • Feeding Speed of Material.
  • Acceleration of Roll Feed.
  • Length setting.
  • Part No. (Recipe)
  • Batch Quantity.