Cut To Length


PRESS ROOM AUTOMATION cut-to-length lines are sheet metal forming lines for strip material. The strip material is transferred from the coil, levelled, cut-to-length and stacked. By combining components according to our customers' specific production requirements we design customized lines that provide optimum production capacity. All functions can be controlled centrally and, if required, entered or controlled via monitor.

Cut-to-length lines are designed and built according to your special requirements. Based on our customers' input, a team of highly-qualifiedPRESS ROOM AUTOMATIONemployees develops and designs a line concept that offers the most economical solution while achieving an increase in production and a higher product quality.

Standard Features

  • Decoiler from our standard range.
  • Straightener from our standard range.
  • Straightener / Precision Straightener with optional Hydraulic Pinch & Openable Head. 4 Hi or 6 Hi Leveller availbale on request as per line requirement
  • NC Servo Feeder
  • Shear (Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Mechanical / Servo)
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • Power Pack
  • Stacker
  • Specifications:

  • Material thickness ranging from 0,05 mm to3 mm
  • Maximum strip width1500 mm
  • Maximum sheet length 5000 mm
  • Tensile strength 700 N/mm2
  • Normal Speed Model


    For Narrow Width

    For High Speed Narrow Width

    For Wider Width


    0-400 mm

    0-400 mm

    400-1500 mm

    Thickness Range

    0.1-4.0 mm

    0.1-0.8 mm

    0.5-3.0 mm

    Line Speed

    10-20 MPM

    20-40 MPM

    40-60 MPM

    Coil Weight

    Upto 2.5 Tonne

    Upto 2.5 Tonne

    Upto 10 Tonne

    Technical specifications are indicative and subject to change to suit end application.