Mechanical Roll Feeder


JSM High Speed Coil feeders for Press Feed Equipment


  • High productivity: Suit mult-stage continuous product.
  • High speed: Reach 500SPM.
  • Universal usage: Easily adjust for different thickness and width.
  • Speciality: Special design for different material property (shapes,surfaces...etc.).
  • Practical and economical with simple mechanism.
  • High reliability with easy maintenance.
  • All power directly comes from press to save energy cost.
  • Feed Accuracy: Depends on feed length and speed of press, the general accuracy is within ±0.05mm.And can be even better up to ±0.01mm when die have pilot pin to centralize material automatically.
  • Engineered for universal fitment, simplicity in setting, maintenance-free via proper selection of raw material and process treatment.
  • Normal Speed Model

    Model Width (mm) Pitch (mm) Thickness(mm) SPM
    JSM - 100
    100 80 1.6 300
    JSM - 150
    150 100 1.6 250

    High Speed Model

    Model Width (mm) Pitch (mm) Thickness(mm) SPM
    JSM - HS - 100
    100 80 1.2 500
    JSM - HS - 150
    150 100 1.0 350

    The above equipments are designed for Line speed of 12-15 Mtrs. Per Minute.

    Technical specifications are indicative and subject to change to suit end application.